​​​​​​​​​​​​Viking Armor Tattoo

Shop Rules, Policies, and Aftercare

In all seriousness...

1. We have a ONE (1) guest limit per person being tattooed in the studio. Extra guests may wait in the reception area seating.

2. NO FOOD is allowed in the studio area. You may bring a drink and we provide bottled water.

3. NO CHILDREN under 17 years of age permitted in the shop at any time.

4. NO SMOKING or VAPING inside the shop at any time.

5. You must be 18 or older and have valid ID. 17 only - You MUST have a parent present and sign for you.

6. All appts. are subject to a minimum $80 NON REFUNDABLE deposit and up to the actual tattoo price depending on the clients cancellation/rescheduling history.  For time consuming custom drawings created by Brandon to Tina, your $50 deposit may also double as a drawing fee which will NOT go towards the final tattoo price. All deposits are valid for up to one year from the date of the initial appointment date. Miss or cancel your appt. within 48 hours of your appt, lose your deposit. 48 hrs notice required to reschedule. If less that 48 hours notice or no notice is given of reschedule, it will be at the discretion of the shop owner to set a new deposit amount, which may include up to the full quoted tattoo price.


8. NO DISCOUNTS EVER. Don't even ask. We all have a birthday, so there are no birthday deals. All stated prices are FIRM.

9. New single use needles, supplies and sterile ink are used for each tattoo. Please keep your filthy paws off the tattoo equipment.

10. Aftercare is your responsibility. Do not scratch a new tattoo. Keep it clean and lotioned according to the tattoo artist instructions.

11. 1st touch-up is free within 3 months of tattoo. $25 fee required for hand, feet, elbow, and knee touch-ups within 3 months.

12. The shop atmosphere is friendly and jovial. Bad manners and attitudes are not tolerated. Swearing is perfectly acceptable and almost mandatory.

13.  Sorry...no house calls ever!

14. Tattoos are PERMANENT and YES it hurts! All Sales Final. No Refunds.


1. Remove the bandage that the tattoo artist applied between 1-2 hours after getting the tattoo.

2. Gently hand wash the tattoo with warm soapy water to remove blood and ointment. Pat or air dry the tattoo.

3. FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEK- continuously keep a THIN layer of Aquaphor Healing Ointment on the tattoo. Not applying frequently enough will allow the skin to dry out, scab and itch. Do Not scratch your tattoo! Apply more ointment if it becomes dry and itchy but not too thick! 

4. (Optional) Protect your tattoo from clothing friction. If the tattoo is located where ointment will be rubbed off by clothing easily, for example the top of your shoulder or thigh, apply a non-stick pad over the ointment and secure the pad with First Aid tape.  You should change the pad 3-4 times daily. Each time cleaning the tattoo and reapplying fresh ointment.

5. Don't be alarmed by flakes of colored skin rubbing off during cleaning and ointment application after the first few days. This is normal for the tattoo healing process.

6. After 8-10 days you may stop applying healing ointment and begin applying an unscented skin moisturizer such as Vaseline Intensive care several times a day to keep the tattoo from getting dry and itchy. 2-3 weeks of moisturizer is usually adequate. 

7. DO's and DON'Ts the first 2 weeks after getting a tattoo:

   DO NOT – swim; get in a hot tub; take a bath; suntan the tattoo area; exercise with excessive sweating or roughness on the tattoo; let the tattoo dry up (scab over); scratch the tattoo or use a washcloth or loofa on the tattoo.

   DO – shower daily (using warm/cool water over the tattoo for the first few days at least); keep the tattoo out of extended periods of sunlight and submerged in any water; keep tattoo ointment on your tattoo until it’s healed and be gentle with your tattoo!

8. Long term care: always apply a high SPF sunscreen to your tattoos before long sun exposure, natural tanning and tanning beds. If you must tan, a high SPF sunscreen will greatly extend the life of your tattoo.

9. Contact us if you have any questions and ENJOY Your New Tattoo!


1st touch-up is free within 90 days of tattoo date (see exception below*)                        

*$25 fee required for wrist, hand, finger, feet, elbow, & knee touch-ups any time after the tattoo date                               

$25 fee is required for any tattoo touchup after 90 days from the date of the tattoo